Forget passwords

 Just mesh in






It's a snap. Literally.

If you can take a picture, you already know how to mesh in. Snap a meshtag with our app, and your Trustee takes care of the rest.

Once you're meshed in, enjoy seamless access to all websites, apps and services on the mesh.


Cryptographic security for everyone.

No usernames, no passwords, no multi-step authentication, and no account security questions. Which means no phishing, no social engineering, and no identity theft.

Your Trustee automates cryptography on your behalf. Get the peace of mind you deserve with built-in strong authentication and data security for each and every service on the mesh.


Constitutional privacy for our digital lives.

Your Trustee manages unique keys to connect you with each of your mesh-enabled services.  As a result, you enjoy the highest degree of data security and digital privacy possible.

Your Trustee stays plugged in and connected at all times, protecting your digital life in the constitutional privacy of your own home. At last, your home is your digital castle.


For everything, both online and in the physical world.

From banking, to gaming, to healthcare, meshing in works for any use case on any screen. It's the secure solution to conveniently manage every facet of your digital life.

Mesh in to your doctor's office, your hotel room, a physical store, a secure facility, or a digital billboard. Meshing in is touchless and works on any connected display in the physical world.

What's next?

Experience it for yourself.

Get your own Trustee.

Link your phone.

Mesh in.